Why you should take your kids rafting NOW!

Some parents may be hesitant to take their children whitewater rafting as they think it isn’t safe, but we are here to tell you otherwise and why you should take your kids rafting in Nepal NOW!

Yes, rafting is an adventure sport, which inherently means that there are some risks involved, however, when carried out safely, with a reliable outfitter, your whole family can enjoy a rafting adventure in Nepal.

And there are so many benefits to taking your kids rafting, firstly they will LOVE it! The thrill of the rapids, the waves and not knowing whats coming around the next corner. With surprise, challenge and excitement at every turn. Geography, Geology, Hydrology, Weather, Wildlife, Natural History. All of these things are right in front of you as we travel down the river together. This is the way children should learn, in the great outdoors on natures natural waterpark.

Experience the thrill of the Himalayan rapids splashing in your face, wild swimming in Nepal’s rivers and the joy on your children’s faces as a troop of monkeys scramble about on the cliffs above. Rafting with your kids is really a magical experience.

Family rafting nepal

It’s a great chance for some real family bonding. You’ll be outside, working as a team for the whole day, none of the usual distractions. Just you and your kids on a raft having the time of your lives. You’ll be teaching them how to have fun in the great outdoors and a love for mother nature. There’s no option for any screen time on a rafting trip, this is replaced with the thrilling whitewater and fresh air. The perfect combo.

If your family decide they like rafting, you’ve found a hobby for life and it can take you all over the world, and will completely broaden their horizons.

And the fun doesn’t stop when the rafting trip is over, you can continue the experience by camping over at our tented camp in the evening. Camping out under the stars, enjoying a homemade BBQ, roasting marshmallows over the drift wood camping – seriously, why would you want to do anything else with your kids!?

We guarantee you won’t hear them say ‘I’m bored’ once on a rafting trip in Nepal! They’ll be so busy having the time of their lives, making memories that will stay with them forever. Whitewater rafting with your children in is like one giant water fight. What kid wouldn’t love that!


Obviously safety is a concern for any parent when taking your child on an adventure activity. Which is why it is imperative that you choose a rafting operator who has safety at the forefront of their trip. There are a few easy steps to make sure your child is as safe as can be when rafting, such as additional safety kayakers, correct fitting Life Jackets (with additional crotch strap if necessary), and certified guides who have had training with running family friendly trips to name just a few things we do to make sure you have the best time possible.

Which River Should Your Family Paddle?

Rafting is the perfect activity to do with your kids. We have a few options for rafting in Nepal with children depending on their age and the length of trip you would like to do. The most popular of which is the  Trisuli, which can be done in one or two days. And is a Grade III river.

There are some big waves on this river, but as there are few rocks, they are safe for children to enjoy the thrill of whitewater rafting. It is also what we call a ‘pool drop’ river, so a rapid is followed by a flat section, meaning it isn’t continuous and there is time to ‘recover’ after every thrill! There are some great spots for swimming and playing games on the raft, we can even get them guiding if they are up for the challenge! It’s a great day trip for people of any age.

For those who are feeling really adventurous, why not consider a 9 day expedition on the Sun Kosi , now that is an adventure you won’t forget in a while! (the youngest we have taken on this trip is 8 years old)

The youngest child we have ever taken on a full days trip is 4 years, although the youngest we have ever taken on a short float trip was our own daughter at 16 months old and she loved every second! Although we aren’t suggesting you all take your babies rafting! Rafting is in this little ones blood!

We truly believe a family that paddles together, stays together! We hope to see you out on the rivers of Nepal soon.


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