At GRG’s river rafting safety is our main priority and we take it very seriously. We have on our team some of the best, most sought after rafting guides in the world who are white water professionals. On and off the water we will do our best to keep you safe. White water rafting is an extreme adventure sport, but we do what we can to minimize the risks. Listed below are a few things we do to make sure that when you travel with us you are as safe as you can be.

All our guides are trained to an international level and have regular on going training. They have Whitewater Rescue Technician certified by Rescue 3 International and International Rafting Federation Guide/Trip Lead Certificates. They also hold their Nepali River Guide license and are members of the Himalayan River Guide Association (HRGAN). We have also had members of the UK Canyon Guide Association come to train our staff in canyoning.


  • Without exception we will always have the correct amount of safety kayakers on each trip (once we had 8 kayaks to one raft due to the high water!)
  • We are fully registered with the Nepal Association of Rafting Agents (NARA)
    One of the few companies that takes out comprehensive insurance to cover their guides.
  • We have a very high ratio of staff to clients. On kayak clinics we will always have one guide to two clients and always have at least one safety kayaker per paddle raft on all trips. You’ll often find on our expedition trips we’ll have as many staff as clients!
  • At the beginning of all our trips we have a comprehensive safety briefing explaining to you what to do in many of the situations you may encounter on the trip.
  • All our equipment is of an international standard (in fact, all of it is imported!) and is well maintained and checked regularly.
  • We always have spare paddles, raft patches and repair kits on all our trips…just in case. And all our staff have been trained in what to do should it be necessary to make a repair on the river bank.
  • We are all fully trained in First Aid and have a well stocked medical kit on all our trips. Each of our guides carry their own personal medical kits and there will be a big one on each trip.
  • Not only do we train our guides how to raft, kayak or canyon but we also give them food hygiene lessons and camp practice (for example, we have the toilet a certain distance from the river and dug deep enough)
  • We will have our mobile phones with us at all times on trips which have important contacts such as emergency evacuation, local police and land contacts stored on them. On request we can also take our sat phones, and on expedition trips we use our walkie talkies as well.
  • We have good working relationships with helicopter evacuations. Fortunately we have never had to use this on one of our trips, but we have helped a few independent kayakers out in the past who have gotten themselves into a sticky situation so know exactly how to arrange a chopper rescue.
  • We try to use private vehicles and ‘tourist buses’ as much as possible who we know and trust and have good relationships with the drivers and have copies of their insurance policies
  • We can provide a satellite phone on expeditions if requested
  • We provide guide training throughout the year to make sure our guides are at their best.
  • We have an enviable safety record and we are at the forefront of the Nepali whitewater industry providing constant training and safety procedures.

For your own safety, we require every person traveling with GRG to hold their own personal travel insurance which covers them for the activity they are participating in. Help us when on a trip by doing you part and listening carefully to you guides instructions. River rafting safety is serious business and it is at the front of our minds at all times.

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