Learn to kayak in Nepal

Learn everything you need to know about whitewater kayaking in the heart of Nepal, from the top kayakers in Nepal at GRG's Adventure Kayaking!

Do you want to learn to Kayak in Nepal? We are the only company in Nepal that specialises in kayaking, and we love taking newbies out on the water for their first time. We think that learning to kayak should be fun. Nepal is the ideal destination to learn to kayak or enhance your skills offering warm waters and warm weather. Not to mention some great rivers

We could go on and on and tell you how well trained we are, how safe our clinics are and how much river experience we have (all of which is true!), but we’ll just say when you come paddle with us, you are not only going to learn to kayak, but you are going to love it! But, that being said, it is not easy, and you need to have the desire to want to learn, have a good sense of adventure and be up for a challenge! Whitewater kayaking is not easy.

In our clinics we will cover the basics of whitewater kayaking, including eskimo and guitar rolls, bracing, river crossing, eddying in and out, reading rapid lines, balance, rope work and you will take on up to Class III rapids!

Our learn to kayak river session are tailored to meet your individual needs and open for complete novices to intermediate paddlers who wish to improve their skills. We always have great client to instructor ratios who are fully qualified with years of experience so we can go as fast or as slow as you need. Come join us and learn to kayak with the GRG champs! All you need is a sense of adventure and a bit of determination!

We have three trips available depending on how much time you have available, 4 days, 7 days, or 12 days courses. See the details below.

beginner kayaking nepal


4 days kayak instruction on the Trisuli River. This will give you a great taster into the world of whitewater kayaking and give you all your basic skills. Great if you only have a short amount of time.

Beginner kayaking Nepal


Move on a bit further from our 4 day course and add an additional 3 days on the Lower Seti to really get to grips with whitewater kayaking in Nepal.

Learn to kayak Nepal


Our most in depth Kayak School. 4 days basic training on the Trisuli followed by a 9 day expedition on the Sun Kosi River. If your serious about learning to kayak, this is the trip for you.



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