Nepal is the little kingdom locked away amidst the majestic Himalaya’s. A country blessed with blue skies, awe-inspiring views, rich and vibrant culture and truly beautiful and unforgettable people. Not forgetting it sits in the shadow of Mount Everest. 

Of course Nepal is famed worldwide for her many beautiful trekking routes, but there is a lot more to offer, this Himalayan country has quickly establishing itself as an adventure destination where thrill seekers can indulge themselves in Paragliding, White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Canyoning, Jungle Safaris, Zip Lines and Bungee Jumping.
The best way to see Nepal is to sign up with GRG’s and let us get you on the trekking trails, on a mountain bike or in a raft. If that’s not your style, then just relax with us and soak up the pristine mountain environment.



Whether you want a serious challenge or just a stroll through the foot hills, Nepal offers some of the most stunning trekking trails in the world.


Without a doubt the main highlight of Nepal is experiencing the Himalaya's, right from the gob smacking views of Everest and other of the world’s tallest mountains to lush valleys and emerald lakes.


Within Nepal, there are many architectural highlights, right from bustling Kathmandu’s ancient cobble lined streets and markets to breathtaking temples and monasteries tucked away in remote rural areas.


Nepal as some of the most colorful Hindu and Buddhist festivals on earth, not to mention a lot of them. Some of the best to look out for are Holi, Dashan, Tihar and Gai Jhatra.


Nepal packs in some of the best adventure activities in the world, from paragliding to white water rafting, all back dropped by unparalleled surrounds.


Some of the friendliest people in the world. Nepali's like nothing better than to welcome you into their lives, their hearts and their culture (and give you alot of food!).


Here you will find a range of exotic, unique and vibrant treasures, from hand woven Pashmina shawls to immaculately detailed Thangka art. Bargaining in the bustling bazaar is all part of the experience and fun.


From the arid mountain climate to the lush flat jungle plains. Nepal’s diverse geography and its small size make it an awesome place to truly experience it all.


Hindu religion and Buddhist philosophy are practiced throughout this culturally rich country in perfect harmony with one another.


For some, the idea of travelling to Nepal is a daunting idea, but it's not as scary as it sounds and Nepal is actually a relatively easy country to travel around (even with a kayak!). But there are a few things you should consider before you arrive in Nepal. For more questions before you go, see out Frequently Asked Questions page or feel free to contact us.

To travel to Nepal it is necessary to obtain a Tourist Visa. This can be done in two ways.

1. You can send your passport off in your home country before you travel and apply for your visa then. Please email us for details if you are unsure how to do this.

2. You can get your visa on arrival at Kathmandu Airport. If you are doing this, make sure you have a recent passport photograph with you and the correct visa fee in UD$ and a pen.

It is your responsibilty to make sure all your travel documents are in order before you travel. GRG is happy to help you but will not be held repsonsible for failure to obtain the correct visa. Most countries require you to have at least 6 months validity left on your visa and 2 clear visa pages.

When traveling with GRG, you are required to have personal travel insurance. We are of the opinion that your safety when traveling with us is of the highest importance.

Please take note of where you will be travelling, some policies will need to add to ‘whitewater rafting’ as an additional activity, or if you are trekking to high alitutude, you may need to get a special sports policy.

Your personal belongings are your responsibility when on a trip with GRG. Whilst we will help you keep your belongings safe and secure, they are your responnsibility.

To travel to Nepal, you may need certain vaccinations. Most are optional but recommended. Go to your loacl travel clinic to find out the most recent recommendations. Typhoid and Hep A & B are the most common.

For up to date info on traveling to Nepal we recommend you check out the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices website.

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Nepal has two main seasons for travel, but there is something going on pretty much all year round. The first is the spring/summer season which runs from March until the end of June. This is the hottest time of year and also the prettiest as all the wild flowers and Rhododendrons are out in full bloom. It’s a great time for trekking, though views are not always guaranteed and rain showers should be expected.

The main season for travel in Nepal is the autumn/winter season which runs from mid September until December. This is the time of year when the skies are the clearest and the weather the driest making for exceptional views and trekking. Later in this season, the weather can get very cold and trekkers need to be adequately prepared.

Outside of this is the main winter season form December to February, trekking is possible at lower altitudes and general touring is also doable.

June to August is the monsoon time in Nepal which offers awesome rafting on the Trisuli River. 



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