6 Unique Experiences to Have in Nepal

Nepal is unlike anywhere you’ve ever been before. This Himalayan nation has some of the best views and treks in the world, as well as a vibrant cultural heritage. Besides the stunning scenery, there is a huge range of things to do. All our trips showcase the variety of activities and sights on offer across Nepal. Whether you love adventure sports, history and culture, cuisine, or all of the above, there is definitely something here for you. Read on to discover our top 6 recommendations for the experiences you can’t miss during your visit to Nepal:

  1. Get a bird’s eye view of the Himalayas.

Trekking is an extremely popular tourist activity in Nepal’s rugged terrain, but there are other ways to admire the most impressive mountain range on the planet. A helicopter or plane tour offers unbeatable panoramic views of the most famous peaks, including of course Mt. Everest. The best part is you will end the day with memories that can be treasured for a lifetime, but your feet won’t have to suffer the next day.

  1. Raft down the Sun Kosi River for nine days.

This country has many torrential rivers that cascade down the steep slopes and through the picturesque valleys. They are fed year-round by snowmelt and monsoon rains. This creates the perfect conditions to try out one of the most exciting adventure sports around – white water rafting. The Sun Kosi is the widest river in Nepal and features on several lists as one of the 10 best spots in the world for rafting. Here at GRG’s Adventure Kayaking we run an incredible 9-day, 170-mile-long white-water rafting trip. When you’re not tackling the thrilling rapids, you can expect to see quaint village and terraced paddy fields, lush jungles and even dolphins!
If you don’t think you could quite manage the full nine days, we also have a range of one-day rafting trips which are just as much fun.

  1. Enjoy a safari in Bardia National Park.

Bardia National Park is somewhat of a hidden gem, despite the fact that it covers a massive 601 square miles. Often overshadowed by the more touristy Chitwan National Park, this nature reserve offers a more relaxed experience, and allows you to really get a sense of Nepal’s wilderness. The park is home to Asia’s Big Three: Bengal tigers, the greater one-horned rhinoceros, and Asian elephants. The rangers know the area like the back of their hands and are familiar with the animals’ favoured spots; meaning you have a very good chance of spotting these magnificent creatures at home in the wild.

  1. Stay in a family home.

On this trip, why not skip the hotels and youth hostels, and instead choose to stay with a local host? There’s no better way to immerse yourself into the Nepali culture than living with a host family or in a local guesthouse. Make sure to try some authentic home-cooked cuisine, such as dal bhat (steamed rice served with a variety of curries) and momos (fried or steamed dumplings filled with meat or vegetables).
If you are interested in homestays there are several ways to find them. Loads of websites aim to connect travellers with native hosts – you might even be able to get food and lodging for free by volunteering your time to help out with farming, crafts, building or teaching.

  1. See a yeti skull in Khumjung.

Myths of the elusive yeti, a giant humanoid creature that roams the mountains, have been passed down from generation to generation in the Himalayan regions. Every now and then more debatable evidence of its existence comes to light. Yet you have a chance to decide for yourself whether the yeti is real or not; sitting in Khumjung monastery is a relic maintained to be an authentic yeti skull. It’s definitely a curiosity, and one you should check out if you’re in the area. Khumjung is also located on the route to the popular trekking destination of Everest Base Camp.

  1. Paraglide and zipline in Pokhara.

Pokhara is a verdant mountain paradise, perfect for both relaxing after the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu, and for chasing adventure. Paragliding here can be both peaceful and exhilarating. The views of the Annapurna mountain range, and the azure Phewa Lake, as you soar through the crisp air makes for an unforgettable experience. Babu Adventure is one of the best paragliding operators, (he’s also a top notch kayaker!) so look out for them or head to the website.
If you are looking for an even greater adrenaline rush, head to the world’s longest, highest, and fastest zipline – right here in Pokhara! The line hangs 2000 feet above the ground. In two minutes, it reaches a mind-blowing 120 mile per hour maximum speed, and spans 1800 metres.

So there you have it – 6 fantastic things to try when you visit Nepal. Have you already done any of these? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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