Now, lets talk about Nepal’s best rapids. Nepal has some of the best rivers in the world, FACT! So it’s only natural that it also has some of the best whitewater rapids in the world. This has been a big debate among our river guides, and it was quite a challenge to narrow it down to just 6. We could have come up with the top 100 rapids in Nepal if we had the time!

In no particular order here are 6 of Nepal’s best rapids;


Sun Kosi River Rafting

Hakapur rapid, Sun Kosi

A Grade V delight on the Sun Kosi river. After several days of calmer whitewater we are hit with the infamous Hakapur rapid. On our Sun Kosi rafting expedition, we actually camp at a beach just up from here, so you will spend the night hearing the roar of the rapid; nothing else like it to build the suspense! At certain times, this rapid is unrunnable, but if your fortunate enough to run it, it’s certainly enough to get your heart pumping. Two big holes make up this rapid, and the first is one you don’t want to find yourself in!

God’s House

This has got to be one of the top rapids in the world and the most notorious in Nepal. Grade V on the Karnali river, comprised of two enormous holes! And way we say enormous, we mean ENORMOUS! Then there’s no time for a breather, it’s straight onto the next series of awesome world class rapids.


Trisuli River Rafting

Upset Rapid, Trisuli

This is the biggest rapid on the Trisuli river. A Grade IV that has a ferocious reputation amongst local raft guides! The line changes throughout the year, but the general rule of thumb is to avoid the two large holes either side, and the undercut pushing you towards the large rock on the left side. This is definitely a highlight of the most popular day trip we offer, and we love it!

Ladies Delight

Perhaps the longest rapid on the list, Ladies Delight is a 100m wave train on the Trisuli river. Different to the majority of the rapids on the list as it doesn’t involve any scary holes, but we think rapids shouldn’t just be judged on their ability to get your heart pumping, but also by how fun they are. And that’s exactly what Ladies Delight is, a whole lotta fun!

Big Brother (& Little Brother!)

Kaligandaki River Rafting


When you paddle the Kaligandaki river, there is no warm up, you are straight into the most exciting rapid of the river – BIG BROTHER! Closely followed by it’s relative, Little Brother! These two are certainly the highlight of the Kaligandaki river rafting trip.

Rhino Rock

Another delight on the Sun Kosi river is Rhino Rock. This Grade IV rapid is aptly named because of the large rock in the center of the rapid strangely shaped into a Rhino head (seriously!). It’s big, it’s messy and it’s seriously fun!

So there it is, our list of the most exciting rapid’s in Nepal. Do you have any you think should be added to the list?


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