Money & ATM’s When You Travel To Nepal

Money & ATM's when you travel to Nepal

People regularly ask us about whether they should bring US$ or GB£ cash with them when they arrive, whether they can use their debit/credit cards or if travelers cheques are possible. Here’s a few hints and tips to help you organise your money & ATM’s when you travel to Nepal.

1. Which Cash To Bring?

To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t really matter. I’ve met many British tourists who have been told in the past to change their cash into dollars are they are more widely accepted, however recenty, it doesn’t matter, in fact the exchange rate on the Sterling is actually stronger. So don’t loose out on exchange rates, bring the currency you use and change that.

2. Where To Change Your Money?

In Thamel (Kathmandu),. Lakeside (Pokhara) and Sauraha (Chitwan) you will find  many money exchanges all offering a fixed price. You will find better commission rates here than at the airport. Aside from these ‘touristy’ areas, you will not find any money exchanges, although a few are popping up in Namache, the trekking hub on the way up to Everest. Exchange rates change daily, so keep an eye and try to change when it is highest.

3. Are There ATM’s In Nepal?

Yes, of course there are, similar to the money exchanges, you will find them in the touristy ar44eas. They will let you take out up to 35,000 rupees per transaction depending on which machine you use (Nabil bank is one of the few that give that much, others only give 10,000 rupees at a time). Most common ATM’s found are Standard Chartered, Nabil Bank and Himalayan Bank)

4. Can You Pay Using Your Card?

Most of the bigger hotel, restaurants and tour companies will accept payments by cards, although the smaller souvenir shops and restaurants will not. And you should expect around a 3-5% service charge on card payment.

For an up to date exchange rate check on

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