Exciting Water Sport Adventures Around Asia

When you’re in Asia, you’re never too far from a body of water and some sand. This makes it the ultimate haven for exciting water sports — whether you’re looking to surf or marvel at marine life through snorkeling. While water sports may conjure up images of notorious waves and adrenaline junkies, don’t let that fear stop you from trying it out for yourself. After all, you only live once.

Here are five water adventures in Asia to add to your list.

Jetskiing in Malaysia

Image Credit: Jetski Club Malaysia on Facebook

Jetskiing is probably one of the more luxurious water sports on this list, given its high costs. However, you do get your money’s worth since you’ll be dealing with a lot of gear. Fortunately in Langkawi, Malaysia, there are smaller businesses and licensed operators along Pantai Cenang beach who will charge you way less than traditional jetskiing rentals. It’s fast, fun, and a one-of-a-kind experience that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Wakeboarding in Indonesia

Image Credit: Get My Boat

Wakeboarding or cable skiing is not an easy thing to learn. But with an expert hand to guide you, it can be one of the most fulfilling experiences you’ll have in Indonesia. In fact, the team behind Asian water sports company Maxout Hydrosports recommends the Bali Wake Park for beginners, even for kids as young as six years old. You can bring your own board and gear, but equipment is readily available onsite.

Canyoning in Japan

Image Credit: Japan Canyoning Association on Facebook

Tokyo isn’t the only thing to see in Japan. In fact, a guide on Expat Bets notes that Japan isn’t just about technological innovations, as stunning natural scenes can be found all over the countryside. This has been attracting a steady stream of tourists looking for something outside of the Tokyo tourist traps. For example, Minakami, which is two hours by car from the capital, is one of the best places to enjoy whitewater rafting in Japan</a>. And while going down the Tone River is exciting enough by itself, the 20m waterfall slide canyoning course takes the experience to the next level.

River Rafting in Nepal

Image Credit: GRG’s Adventure Kayaking

Nepal is a fairly big place, so expect to spend a lot of time on the road. As such, it’s highly recommended to squeeze in water sports that you can do to break up long journeys. Luckily, the Trisuli river, located between tourist destinations Kathmandu and Pokhara, is the perfect place to visit for a quick raft. The less extreme adventurer can take kayaking lessons as an alternative, or dive into the natural water theme park beside Jalberi Canyon.

Paddleboarding in Thailand

Image Credit: The Thaiger

Kayaking is a popular sport in Southeast Asia, but it’s only in Thailand that you’ll get to experience it standing up. That’s right, Stand-Up Paddleboarding or SUP is a cross between canoeing and surfing</a>. It is mostly done on flat waters, but adrenaline junkies would tell you that paddling or surfing on Thailand’s waves is the way to go.

Southeast Asia has always been an exciting and diverse region, which directly reflects in its landscape and various activities. A seasoned traveler has to visit at least once.

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