Rafting is growing in popularity as a great holiday activity, whether you add a quick day trip onto your holiday or do a full expedition, there are plenty of reasons to go whitewater rafting. Here’s our top 10 reasons to go rafting in Nepal.

 1. It’s fun fun fun

The first reason to go rafting in Nepal has to be FUN! Seriously, it’s fun! We can’t think of a better way to spend our days that outside in nature, with a great group of people, getting our hearts pounding with adrenaline as we crash through the waves. Stopping along the beaches for some fun and games, and ending the day around a camp fire. What’s not to love!

If you wanna put a smile on your face, a days rafting is one of the best ways to do it.

2. The Wildlife

When you go rafting, you really immerse yourself into the surroundings. Once you are away from the roads, the wildlife in Nepal is simply stunning. You’ll get to experience the worlds deepest gorge, monkeys running along the cliffs, rice paddies, not to mention the Himalaya lurking in the background,  breathtaking..

Even from our camp, you will be treated to a whole host of bird life singing their songs late into the evenings. And if your really lucky, the local leopards might stop by to say hello!

3. The Camaraderie

One of the top reasons to go whitewater rafting in Nepal has to be the people you are with. On many trips, you start as strangers and end as lifelong friends. In fact, several people on our trips have ended up getting married and having babies. How cool is that! Our commercial trips are full of like minded, fun people looking for adventure. It’s also a great time to spend with friends and family. All you need is a heart pounding rapid to get the banter flowing!

4. The Stargazing

There’s nothing quite like the night skies from the banks of the rivers in Nepal. With no light pollution it’s an ideal place to stare up and gaze at the spectacle. It’s not uncommon to see the milky way on clear nights. Because sleeping under a tent is optional, you can spend the whole night gazing up at the delights above.

5. The Food

The food is great. Really great – just read the reviews! After a long day in the raft, you are bound to have a large appetite and we are sure to not let you go hungry. We’ll serve you up a feast of traditional Dal Bhat and more familiar dishes like steaks and pasta – it’s delicious and nutritious! If your interested, we can even teach you to cook like a local.

6. The Guides

Another great reason to go rafting in Nepal are our guides are great, of course they are otherwise we wouldn’t employ them. But not only are they fantastic at their jobs, they are a great bunch of people to spend time with and share stories around the campfire. From singing songs around the campfire, to chucking you in the water, our team are a pretty awesome group! (For the girls out there… due to the physical nature of their work, they’re also pretty hot!!)

7. The Challenge

Bored of the usual holidays? Looking for something new and exciting? A whitewater rafting holiday in Nepal will see you exploring caves, cliff jumping, tracking tiger footprints, jumping down a waterfalls and more. Away from technology for a week and just the simplicity of camping and rafting. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new, you won’t regret it. You’ll finish the trip with a great sense of achievement.

8. The Sexy gear

Another great reason to go rafting in Nepal is the sexy gear. Oh yeah baby! There’s nothing like a wetsuit, dry top or rafting helmet to make you feel hot! Ok, so it’s not that flattering, but it’s serves it’s purpose, and we’re all dressed the same way, so it’s fun. (and safe!) You’ll have some great pictures to cherish!

8. The Great Outdoors

Is there anything better than spending a prolonged period outside in the great outdoors, away from the internet, TV, pollution, and stresses of work and daily life. A rafting holiday is a unique experience that gets you away from it all which is not easily done in this day and age. We love the fact that for 9 days it is just us and the river and that’s it.

9. It’s the perfect activity for groups and families

Whitewater rafting is the perfect team building activity to do with a group of mates or a family. When your in a raft together taking on river rapids, you are forced to work as a team. It’s also a lot of fun that it’s bound to bring you closer as a family or group of friends. And it’s not just the rafting, spending the evening telling stories around the campfire of the fun you had that day is a great bonding experience. Do something new and exciting with your family.

Check out the Lower Seti for our perfect family getaway.

10. The Weather

No matter the weather, we can raft! There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment. And the good news for you, our equipment is top notch! If it’s hot – take a swim. Feeling – put on a wetsuit! If your game, so are we… lets go rafting!

11. It’s good for your health (Bonus!)

Bonus point – the final reason to go rafting in Nepal is, it’s great for your health, so it’s got to be awesome, right!? Yes, it’s good for your physical and mental health!

So there you have it, plenty of reasons to go rafting in Nepal. Fancy joining a trip? Contact us NOW!

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