What to do AFTER your Incredible Rafting & Kayaking river trip…

What to do after your Incredible river trip

So you’ve just finished your 4 day kayak clinic on the Trisuli or once in a lifetime raft down the Sun Kosi, what’s next after your river trip? Here’s a few of our suggestions what you should do in Nepal after your rafting trip.

1 – Go On Safari

Safari in Nepal

Take some time out and chill out in Chitwan National Park after your river trip. Join one of our safari tours and go on an elephant back and walking safari in the jungle. Keep your eyes peeled for the famous one horned Rhino, Deer, Hog, Monkeys and more. We recommend the 2 night 3 day package to get the most out of your jungle experience.

2 – Bungee Jump

Bungee Jump In Nepal

Nepal boasts the second highest bungee jump and the HIGHEST canyon swing in the world. If your an adrenaline junkie why not head up to the bridge to take the jump after your river trip!

3 – Chill In Pokhara

Chilling out at the lakeside in Pokhara

Pokhara is nothing like Kathmandu. It is peaceful, surrounded by the Annapurna mountains and a great place to spend a few days to unwind and relax after your river trip . Take a boat out on the lake, have a massage or try one of the many cocktail bars. You will feel like you are in a real holiday destination in Pokhara.

4 – Go Trekking

Trekking in Nepal

Most people come to Nepal specifically for trekking and you can understand why. We have some of the most beautiful mountains in the world in Nepal. Whether you have 1 day or a month spare there are plenty of trekking options for you. Ask us for suggestions.

5 – Go Paragliding

Paragliding in Nepal

Due to the lake in Pokhara, Nepal is actually one of the safest destinations for paragliding. Soar with the eagles with a mountain backdrop, can you think of a better way to spend a morning?

6 – Visit The Birth Place Of Buddha

The Birth Place of Buddha, Nepal

Legend has it that Buddha was born in Lumbini close to the Indian border. If you have the time this is a remarkable place to visit. Take an afternoon walk/cycle around the many temples in the area. One of the most peaceful spots in Nepal.

7 – Go Biking

Mountain Biking in Nepal

As well as rafting and trekking, there is also some amazing mountain, downhill, single track, we’ve got it all! From a day trip out of the Kathmandu Valley to a week long expedition in the mountains, there’s something for every level.

8 – Visit Some Temples

Hindu and Buddhist Temples in Nepal

In Kathmandu especially, there are many religious temples for you to discover. Pashupatinath, Boddhnath, Bhaktapur Durbar Square and the Monkey Temple are some of the few to give you an insight to the bright and colourful culture of Nepal.

9 – Go Canyoning

Canyoning In Nepal

Abseiling down waterfalls! Jumping, climbing, scrambling and shimming down some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Need I saw more. It’s worth the trip just to see the 100m water wall at the top of our canyoning site! Probably our second most favourite thing to do next to kayaking! More Information can be found here.

10 – Go Rafting Or Kayaking Again

Rafting and Kayaking in Nepal

Well…come on now, we are water people! There are over 6000 rivers in Nepal and although we don’t run all of them commercially, there are many rafting and kayaking trips that you can join. If you loved your first river trip why not join us for another. Get in touch now to book your next rafting/kayaking adventure!

More Information

If you fancy doing any of these activities after your river trip, then please visit our website for further details www.grgadventurekayaking.com or contact our office in Kathmandu info@grgadventurekayaking.com and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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