The Best Rivers to Raft in Nepal

Are you wondering which are the Best Rivers to Raft in Nepal? In Nepal, you are spoilt for choice for rivers for to go rafting on. So if you have never been to Nepal, or don’t know much about whitewater rafting in Nepal it can be quite tricky to decide which is the trip for you!

Below we have listed the rivers we think are appropriate for different lengths and types of trip. We hope this helps you decide which river is the right one for you.

What are you looking for?

Trisuli River 1 day

If you are short of time and can only fit in one day of rafting then it has to be the Trisuli river. It gives you a nice little taster into the world of rafting, it’s perfectly located in between Kathmandu and Pokhara which means you can use it to break up your long bus journeys and it’s perfect for all abilities of rafter and kayaker. Not to mention, it’s one of the only rafting rivers available all year round, even in the monsoon!

Although primarily this is a day trip, you do have the opportunity to extend your time here. Gurung Valley, our tented camp on the Trisuli river offers more than just rafting. From here you can also head on over and have a heart pumping day of adrenaline rafting the Marsyandi. You can then take kayak lessons before abseiling down Nepal’s most impressive natural water theme park at Jalberi Canyon. Phew!!

Quick Facts;

  • Duration – 1 day (can be extended)
  • Best Season – Year round!
  • Cost – US$65
  • Grade – III-II+

Kaligandaki – 3 days

If you want to spend a little bit more time on the river, but don’t have enough to do one of our full expeditions then the Kaligandaki is the perfect mini expedition. Leaving from Pokhara you will travel down the Kaligandaki river taking all your gear with you, setting up camp each night before traveling on the following day. A slice of adventure in a short time. The highlight – 60 rapids in 60 minutes!

Quick Facts;

  • Duration – 3 days
  • Best Season – Sept-Nov or April-June
  • Cost – US$250
  • Grade – III-IV

Sun Kosi – 9 days

This is by far one of our most favourite trips here at GRG’s. You will enjoy 8 days on the river, camping on pristine white sandy beaches, rafting some of the best rapids in Nepal (arguably the world) and leave all the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu behind. No electricity, no wifi, no running water, just you, your fellow rafters and the river. Bliss.

If you are an avid rafter, or even if you are new to the sport, we guarantee that you will love this trip. It has a nice variety of hardcore rapids and a gentle float and the scenery is incredible as it changes from the mountainous Himalayas at the start, travel through the lush jungle to the stark flat Indian plains toward the end. Don’t just take our word for it, join a Sun Kosi Expedition now to see how incredible it really is!!

Quick Facts;

  • Duration – 8 days
  • Best Season – Sept-Nov or April-June
  • Cost – US$700
  • Grade – III-V

Tamur – 11 days 

  • There is so much to be said about the Tamur. Although it is our most expensive trip, it is perhaps the most impressive. You will trek to reach the river, being rewarded with views of Everest and Makalu. You will pass the famous Gufal Pokhari lake before finally reaching the Tamur put in. There’s no rest here as it’s go, go, go. 6 full days of whitewater rafting. This trip is not for the faint hearted though, it is one of the most hardcore trips in Nepal. It is non stop and the rapids are big and technical. Great for those looking for something adventurous and wanting to get their heart pumping. If you are looking for more of a gentle trip, we recommend the Sun Kosi

Quick Facts;

  • Duration – 11 days
  • Best Season – Oct-Nov or April-May
  • Cost – US$1300
  • Grade – IV-V

Karnali – 10 days

  • The Karnali is another favourite expedition of ours. However, the river will be gone soon due to the dams that are coming in unfortunately. So we need to make the most of having the Karnali now! Ten days rafting in the remote wild west. This river is a little bit more hardcore than the Sun Kosi but not as extreme as the Tamur. We have four BIG days of whitewater, before the river tapers off and it’s a flat paddle out at the end. If you have the time, this trip is great to combine with a trip to Bardia National Park.

Quick Facts;

  • Duration – 10 days
  • Best Season – Oct-Nov or April-June
  • Cost – US$850
  • Grade – III-IV

Family adventure – Trisuli or Lower Seti

Personally, we prefer the Trisuli trip, however if you have very young children then the Lower Seti is great, as it is very tame and has the warmest waters in Nepal! We have children’s life jackets and helmets to keep you little ones safe. And our guides are used to guiding children. They will make it fun and safe. The two most important factors. What an adventure to have with your children! This trip can also be used as a great way to travel from Pokhara to Chitwan National Park to continue your adventure!

Quick Facts;

  • Duration – 2 days
  • Best Season – Year round!
  • Cost – US$140
  • Grade – II-III

 Extreme Adrenaline – Marsyandi

For those that like to get their heart pumping, it has to be the Marsyandi. This river is also being taken over by dams, but there are still a few great rafting sections that we can enjoy. It’s big, it’s technical and it’s exciting.

(Why not try our recent best seller – 1 day on the Trisuli, with overnight at our tented camp, followed by one day on the Marysandi river)

Quick Facts;

  • Duration – 1 day
  • Best Season – Oct-Nov or April-May
  • Cost – US$165
  • Grade – IV-V

So there you have it. The Best Rivers to Raft in Nepal. Hopefully this has given you some idea of which river you should raft in Nepal. Still confused? Contact us for more information, or if you know which river you would like to run, then BOOK NOW!

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