Sun Kosi – The Best River In Nepal?

The Sun Kosi river is one of our favourite rivers here at GRG Adventure Kayaking. It is a 7-9 day (depending on the time of year) whitewater rafting and kayaking expedition. Our trip starts just three hours from the centre of Kathmandu, near the Tibetan border and takes you all the way to the flat plains, to the confluence of the Ganges. It has been rated one of the top ten river journeys in the world by National Geographic and we couldn’t agree more.

Action on the Sun Kosi

Rafting on the Sun Kosi River Nepal.

At GRG, it is one of our personal favourite and we run on average six trips to this incredible river a year, more than any other rafting operator in Nepal. Five are headed out this fall alone.

One of the pristine white sandy beaches we camp on

One of the pristine white sandy beaches we camp on.

Something For Everyone

This trip has something to offer for every level of paddler, even if you’ve never been on a river before! For the complete beginners, you can raft it between Oct-Dec, April- June. For those who are daring enough we can even teach you to kayak as we paddle down.

And for the more experienced paddlers, the best time is at HIGH water, Sept-Oct of May-June. We will always have safety kayakers along with our trips and gear raft support to keep you safe.

Lots Of Big Rapids

The Sun Kosi boasts some of the best rapids in the world. Hakapur, Jungle Corridor, Jaws, Rollacoaster, Black Hole and Rhino Rock to name a few! You can see below footage of a kayaker running the infamous Hakapur rapid.

Gearing up for Hakapur rapid

Gearing up for Hakapur rapid.

It’s Not All About The Whitewater!

But it’s not just the whitewater that makes this trip so special. Where else can you escape the world, be without internet, phones and technology for that long. It gives you the opportunity to leave everything behind and just enjoy the river. Surrounded by small local villages and jungles, we camp on the most pristine white sandy beaches (You’ll think you’re in a postcard!). We’ll show you the best cliff jumps, waterfalls for showers, take you to hidden caves and local temples as well as visiting rural villages to try out some local cuisine (you’ll be trying to re-create ‘Sukute’ (dried, fried Buffalo) when you return to your home country).

Simply stunning

Simply stunning

Ready To Book!

If this sounds like your kind of trip then contact our Kathmandu office for more details on 00977 14700928 / 9841447561 or our UK Office/Whats App +447957640275.

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Trip dates confirmed for Fall/Autumn 2024:

  • 3rd May 2024,
  • 21st September 2024,
  • 5th September 2024,
  • 21st October 2024,
  • 18th November 2024,
Stunning sun sets every night

Stunning sun sets every night.

Yummy! We will cook you up a treat every night

Yummy! We will cook you up a treat every night.


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